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Open Senior and Junior Faculty Searches in Princeton Electrical Engineering

Daniel Lustig honored for developments in open-source 'memory model'

Daniel Lustig, who received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Princeton in 2015, has been awarded the inaugural Board of Directors' Award from the RISC-V Foundation, a group of engineers that hopes to increase innovation in computer processors through a collaborative, open-source approach to their architecture.

Graduate alumni named to 2019 class of IEEE Fellows

Graduate alumni Minerva Yeung, Jill Boyce and Lin Zhong have been named IEEE Fellows, a distinction that honors "extraordinary accomplishments" across engineering.

John Thomas, mentor in engineering that led to modern information age, dies at 93

John B. Thomas, a pioneer in the field of information theory who mentored generations of leaders, including two deans of engineering at Princeton and a founder of the internet, died Sept. 13 in Hanover, New Hampshire. He was 93 years old.

Chip ramps up artificial intelligence systems' performance

'Focused Research Team' launches interdisciplinary robotics initiative

Four graduate students receive awards to continue research

Three Graduate Students receive Yan Huo *94 Fellowship in 2018

Xiaoliang Dai, advised by Prof.  Niraj Jha

Akshay Krishna, advised by Prof. Ravin Bhatt

Edwin Yoonjang Chung, advised by Prof. Mansour Shayegan and Dr. Loren Pfeiffer

Air Force awards Yuxin Chen for 'taming nonconvexivity'

Raj wins graduate student fellowship from DOE to study lithium ion batteries

Markakis, a junior, honored at Opening Exercises

Engineering faculty funded to develop next generation computer chips

Undergraduates Honored on Class Day 2018

Degrees conferred to 19 Ph.D. students at commencement

Postdocs find their way to faculty positions

Army's Young Investigator Program honors Prateek Mittal for work on safer memory

Kaushik Sengupta represents Princeton research on Capitol Hill

ACM Outstanding Dissertation Award granted to graduate alumnus Pramod Subramanyan

Siemens Announces Winners of FutureMakers Challenge

Students host annual talent show, MelodEE 2018 (video)