Princeton University

School of Engineering & Applied Science

Ganesh Lakshminarayana
Graduate Student
Graduation Year: 
Thesis Title: 
High Level Synthesis For Performance and Power Optimization
Niraj Jha
Current Employer: 
Citadel Investment Group

Ganesh Lakshminarayana works as a trader at Citadel Investment group, where he trades Agency Mortgages and derivatives.
He obtained his BTech from IIT Madras in 1994 and Masters and PhD from Princeton University in 1996 and 1998, respectively, in the field of computer engineering. His thesis work was on high level synthesis for performance and power optimization.
Following his PhD, he worked at NEC research labs and Alphion Corporation, before returning to Princeton for a Masters degree in Finance from The Bendheim Center in 2008. Since then, he has worked as a mortgage trader, first at JP Morgan's Proprietary Positioning Business, and then at Citadel Investment group.