Princeton University

School of Engineering & Applied Science

Thomas Robertazzi
Graduate Student
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Thesis Title: 
Measurement Processing Order and Recursive Statistical Estimation
Stuart Schwartz
Current Employer: 
Stony Brook University

Prof. Thomas G. Robertazzi has a long history of research and writing on networks. He has authored three books, one on queueing theory, one on networks and grids and one on telecommunications network planning. He has also edited a volume on ATM switching architectures. Over the years Prof. Robertazzi has had an active research program involving research on queueing models, ATM and interconnection network switch architectures, ad hoc radio networks, sensor networks, mobile agents, and grid computing and scheduling for grids. This latter effort included a pioneering co-authored 1996 monograph and a ground breaking 1988 paper that led to the publication of an additional 70 or more journal papers building on this work (see the Divisible Load Theory worldwide publication list at Prof. Robertazzi’s homepage at Prof. Robertazzi and students and colleagues have sought to unify the study of both communication and computation in grid networks, something very relevant to today’s many grid network efforts.