Princeton University

School of Engineering & Applied Science

Weidong Chen
Graduate Student
Graduation Year: 
Thesis Title: 
GaAs and ZnSe surfaces and interfaces with metals
Antoine Kahn
Current Employer: 
Intel Corporation

Weidong has worked in Intel for 11 years. He started in as a yield engineer at intel California Technology Manufacturing (CTM/D2) and became group leader a year later. Before Intel, Weidong worked as a module and integration engineer at other semiconductor company for three and half years. In intel, Weidong worked mostly as a yield engineer/manager to resolve different yield issues during process development and yield ramp for several process technologies. In 2006 he became D2 technology manager and yield dept manager in 2007. He joined F68 as yield/integration department manager in 2008.
Weidong grew up in Harbin, a city in northeast China. It is a very cold place, famous for ice sculpture and nice weather in summer. He attended the University of Science and Technology in China where he majored in physics. Later he changed to electrical engineering at Princeton and earned his PhD.
Weidong enjoys playing basketball, ping pong, and reading. He and his wife Wendy have two boys, Gabriel and Eric. In Vacation, Weidong’s family travel mostly to national parks in the U.S. and visit his parents in China.