Princeton University

School of Engineering & Applied Science

Graph Signal Processing Models and Algorithms for Electric Grid Data

Anna Scaglione, Arizona State University
B205 Engineering Quadrangle
Wednesday, February 27, 2019 - 4:30pm


In recent years the signal processing community has developed a set of tools, that go under the name of Graph Signal Processing (GSP), to model and analyze data sets that are associated to networked systems. The expectation is that GSP can bring to the analysis of these large data sets the same insights and rigor that, decades ago, the theory of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) brought to the analysis of time series and images. This talk objective is to showcase the opportunities and challenges that exist in applying this theory to model the data captured on the electric power network. The talk first surveys the key results and insights that stem from GSP and then goes into the basic mathematical models for power systems signals that make the connection to GSP apparent. The goal is to provide a taxonomy of Grid-Graph Signal Processing problems and highlight how GSP may help advancing how these critical systems are monitored.



Anna Scaglione (M.Sc.'95, Ph.D. '99) is currently a Professor of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering at Arizona State University. She was Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering previously at the University of California at Davis (2008-2014) and at Cornell University (2001-2008), where she became Associate Professor with tenure in 2006. Prior to joining the engineering faculty at Cornell, Scaglione was an Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico (2000-2001). Dr. Scaglione’s expertise is in the broad area of statistical signal processing with application to communication networks, electric power systems/intelligent infrastructure and network science. She was elected as Fellow of IEEE in 2011, honored by both the Signal Processing and the Communication Societies. She was Editor in Chief of the IEEE Signal Processing Letters in (2012-2013) and served as associate editor for the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications from 2002 to 2005. From 2008 to 2011, she served on the editorial board of the IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing from 2008, where she was area editor in 2010-11. She is currently serving as Senior Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Control of Networked Systems. She was General Chair of the SPAWC 2005 workshop and of the Signal Processing for Communication Committee from 2004 to 2009. She has been an IEEE SmartGridComm Conference steering committee member since 2010, and was on board of governors of the IEEE Signal Processing Society during 2011-2014, and was member of the SPS Awards Board in 2016-2017. She has also served in a number of IEEE conference technical committees and as Technical Chair for DCOSS 2010, SmartgridComm 2012 and GlobalSIP 2013, as well as Guest Editor for several special issues for IEEE journals and magazines.