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Graduate Admissions

At this time we only accept applications for the PhD Program. Here are the key dates and links regarding submitting an application:

  • The application process will open in mid-September 2017 for the academic year starting September 2018.
  • The application deadline is December 15, 2017.
  • Read about the application process.
  • When you are ready to apply, fill out and submit your application online .

The department often interviews short-listed applicants prior to making a final decision.
Admission decisions will be emailed to applicants by mid February 2018.

Graduate Student Profile

Semih Yagli

Hi My name is Semih Yagli and I graduated from Middle East Technical University in 2013, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and in 2014, Mathematics. As a teen, the idea of using natural sciences and mathematics to create technology fascinated me. That’s how I became interested in engineering. While I had many career options that I could pursue, I was particularly amazed by how those little ‘chips' connected together like lego pieces made computers work seamlessly, which made me follow a path in Electrical Engineering. In my undergrad, I rediscovered my interest to math and noticed how much fun it is to apply what you learn in math to engineering problems. Therefore, I chose the field of information theory and statistics as the course my main research. Information theory is essentially about investigating the limits of communication; however, I am also super interested in applying information theoretic ideas to the other fields such as machine learning.
Princeton has a special place in the hearts of mathematical minded people like me. It is the place where game theory was invented, Fermat’s last theorem was proven, and many other milestones -a list of which could not possibly fit here- was achieved. The feeling that you are breathing the same air as those geniuses, who once were and who currently are, is priceless. While this is the spiritual reason why I chose Princeton over others, the wide breadth of classes/workshops offered in Princeton for my personal development is a pleasant plus. Not to mention that Princeton has the ideal size of a university where it is small enough that people know each other by name, yet large enough that you can find people from all sorts of fields to interact and collaborate. Combining all these, there was a clear choice among my options.
My career goal is to become a faculty member in a university and pave the way for the younger and fresher minds. While tackling an academic problem is as fun as it can be, I find it joyful to teach as well. I occasionally go to professional development seminars such as GradSpeak held by Office of Career Services and Professional development workshops offered by McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning. I like playing outdoor basketball. While in the winter I don't find many chances due to cold weather, in the summer, I play with a group of people I met in my neighborhood. I also like reading fantasy novels, and if I feel like reading in a silent environment I prefer Firestone library.