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Prof. Mittal interviewed in WooCast episode

Tim Lee of Vox interviews Prof. Prateek Mittal about the benefits, risks and concerns related to big data.

Undergraduates present Independent Work Poster Presentations

EE Community is treated to poster presentations by Undergraduates.

Terahertz chips - a new way to see through matter

Princeton University researchers have drastically shrunk the equipment for producing terahertz — important electromagnetic pulses lasting one millionth of a millionth of a second.

Paper authored by Prof. Martonosi and EE alumni selected to be highlighted in IEEE Micro magazine

Paper entitled "COATCheck: Verifying Memory Ordering at the Hardware-OS Interface, authored by Prof. Martonosi, EE alumni Dan Lustig*15 and Abhishek Bhattacharjee*10 and Rutgers UG Geet Sethi has been selected as one of 12 papers to be highlighted in IEEE Micro magazine’s “Top Picks from the Computer Architecture Conferences” in its May/June 2017 issue.

EE Graduate Student Chandrakanth C.Reddy was awarded IEEE MTT-S Graduate Fellowship for 2017

EE Graduate Student Chandrakanth C.Reddy was awarded the prestigious IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Graduate Fellowship award for his work on programmable transmitter architectures through a network synthesis approach. 

Fleischer and Gmachl recipients of IP Accelerator Fund

Prof. Claire Gmachl and Prof. Jason Fleischer are recipients of IP Accelerator Fund.  The University's Intellectual Property Accelerator Fund provides up to $100,000 per project to be spent on additional proof-of-concept research, prototype development or other activities aimed at expanding the potential for innovation.

David C. Munson Jr. *78 *79 is RIT’s next president

David C. Munson Jr. *78 *79  is Rochester Institute of Technology’s next president.  Munson’s career path began at the University of Illinois where in 1979 he started as an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering. After 24 years, he left Illinois to become chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan. In 2006, Munson was named the Robert J. Vlasic Dean of Engineering at Michigan where he served two five-year terms, the maximum allowed.

Rand develops new LED lighting technology with self-assembling particles

Prof. Barry Rand, postdoctoral researcher Zhengguo Xiao and Graduates Student Ross Kerner and Lianfeng Zhao have developed new LED technology by refining the manufacturing of light sources made with crystalline substances known as perovskites, a more efficient and potentially lower-cost alternative to materials used in LEDs found on store shelves.

Six EE Professors receive funding from SEAS Innovation Fund

Six EE Faculty Members receive Innovation Funding Awards.

Christopher G. Brinton *16 and Prof. Mung Chiang Reveal the Power of Networks

In their new book, The Power of Networks: Six Principles That Connect Our Lives (Princeton University Press), Christopher G. Brinton *16 and EE professor Mung Chiang lay out six basic principles that govern the behavior of the networks behind everything from cellphone connections to Netflix’s recommendations algorithm.

Graduate Students Lingyu Hong and Xue Wu receive IEEE pre-doctoral achievement award from IEEE-SSCS

EE Graduate Students Lingyu Hong and Xue Wu have received the prestigious IEEE pre-doctoral achievement award from the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society.

James Obsitnik’91 joins Capsilon as COO

James Obsitnik was appointed chief operating officer of Capsilon Corporation, a provider of cloud-based document and data management solutions for the mortgage industry.

David Treadwell III ’89 moves to Amazon

David Treadwell has joined Amazon after spending almost three decades at Microsoft.

Poor selected to receive IEEE 2017 Alexander Graham Bell Medal

Poor to receive 2017 IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal

Over 600 attend HackPrinceton November 11 - 13th

HackPrinceton is another huge success!

EE Graduate Student Janam Jhaveri honored at Siebel Scholar Award Dinner

Princeton Students honored at dinner for the 2017 Siebel Scholar Awards.

Graduate Student Akil Word-Daniels explains balancing studies and outside activities

Graduate student featured in Princeton Profiles.

EE Graduate Student co-authored Best Paper Award at ACM/IEEE International Symposium

EE Grad Student co-authors one of the two Best Paper Awards given at conference.

Eric Schmidt '76 receives Woodrow Wilson Award

Eric Schmidt '76 is the is the recipient fo the Woodrow Wilson Award.  Schmidt is the executive chairman of Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google.

John Suarez *12 received U.S. Department of the Army Commander Award for Civilian Service

Dr. John Suarez, *12 has been recognized for his work in developing electronics for the Army.