Princeton University

School of Engineering & Applied Science

Department honors 23 students completing the PhD Program

June 27, 2014

On June 2, 2014, the EE Department celebrated 23 graduate students completing the PhD program this past year.  Family and friends attended the breakfast reception with the students and faculty advisors to celebrate this accomplishment in the students education.
Prof. Sharad Malik provided welcoming remarks and introduced the alumni speaker, Prof. Min Wu *01 of the University of Maryland.
Prof. Wu remarked on the journey the students have completed and the next phase of the journey.  They should always look to their colleagues and advisors as mentors in their continued career path.  To read Prof. Wu's remarks please click here.
Following the remarks of Prof. Wu, Prof. Mung Chiang Director of the Graduate Studies Program announced the graduate awards.  The Early Career Award is given to a student who has completed the second year of the program with an outstanding general exam grade.  This year’s recipient is Neereja Sundaresan, who is advised by Prof. Andrew Houck.  The Best Dissertation Award was given to two students: Victoria Kostina, advised by Prof. Sergio Verdu and Yang Liu, advised by Prof. Mansour Shayegan.
The department acknowledged the students that have completed the second year of the program and their general exams.  Finally, the students completing the program were introduced and given a gift from the department. 
Congratulations to the following graduate students for completing the PhD program: 
John Chang, advised by Prof. Paul Prucnal; David Eis, advised by Prof. Peter Ramadge; Andrew Harms, advised by Prof. Rob Calderbank; Xue Huang, advised by Prof. Claire Gmachl; Victoria Kostina, advised by Prof. Sergio Verdu; Kyong Ho Lee, advised by Prof. Naveen Verma; Chia-Chun Lin, advised by Prof. Niraj Jha; Yang Liu, advised by Prof. Mansour Shayegan; Shang Shang, advised by Profs. Sanjeev Kulkarni and Paul Cuff; Clinton Smith, advised by Prof. Gerard Wysocki; Srikanth Srinivasan, advised by Prof. Andrew Houck; Jakub Szefer, advised by Prof. Ruby Lee, He Wang, advised by Prof. Lynn Loo, Hao Xu, advised by Prof. Peter Ramadge.  The following graduates students were unable to participate in the ceremony on June 2nd: Jun Wei Chuah, advised by Prof. Niraj Jha; Jiun-Yun, advised by Prof. James Sturm ; Yixing Liang, advised by Prof. Stephen Chou; Ting-Jung Lin, advised by Prof. Niraj Jha; Mohammed Shoaib, advised by Prof. Niraj Jha; Andrew Shu, advised by Prof.Antoine Kahn; Yu Tian, advised by Prof. Paul Prucnal ; Yin Wang, advised by Prof Gerard Wysocki., and Yunlai Zha, advised by Prof. Craig Arnold.
Congratulations Graduates!  We wish you much success in your future endeavors!