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The Department of Electrical Engineering offers a four-year Bachelor of Science in Engineering program resulting in an Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET-accredited degree. The program combines rigorous training in engineering fundamentals with elective courses in entrepreneurship and the liberal arts. Students are also exposed to cutting-edge applications of electrical engineering.

Our program offers a unique combination of independent student research, exposure to current developments in the field, and challenging coursework both within and beyond engineering. This combination is designed to prepare our graduates to excel both in engineering innovation and in life-long learning. The program also offers outstanding preparation for professions in business, finance, government, law, and medicine. The goals of the Undergraduate Program in Electrical Engineering are:

  • Apply their knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering to become successful leaders in technology and its applications, in industry and academia;
  • Take an interdisciplinary and integrative approach to addressing and solving engineering challenges in broad societal contexts;
  • Have the intellectual independence to critically evaluate information, and the planning skills to take well-informed and creative courses of action;
  • Practice the habits of lifelong and interdisciplinary learning, appropriate for industrial and academic careers.
Electrical Engineering Teaching Laboratory

Undergraduate Office Contacts

Undergraduate Departmental Representative
Prof. James C. Sturm
EQuad Room B410
Telephone: (609) 258-5610

Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Jean Bausmith
EQuad Room B304
Telephone: (609) 258-2166

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