Princeton University

School of Engineering & Applied Science

Graduate Admissions

At this time we only accept applications for the Ph.D. program. Here are the key dates and links regarding submitting an application:

  • The application process is open for approximately three months each fall, from mid-September until the application deadline.
  • The next application deadline is December 15, 2018.
  • All applications are submitted online through the Graduate School.
  • When you are ready to apply, fill out and submit your application.

The department often interviews short-listed applicants prior to making a final decision.
Admission decisions will be emailed to applicants by mid-February following the application deadline.

Graduate Student Profile

Sameer Wagh

Hi, I am Sameer, a graduate student at Princeton working on exciting problems in applied cryptography. Narrowing down by broad interests and desire to learn is one of the goals of my PhD. Before joining Princeton, I spent 4 wonderful years at IIT-Madras where I majored in Engineering Physics with a minor in Mathematics. I joined Princeton as it was one of the few top grad school offers I had. But in hindsight, I can't express my happiness for making this choice.
When I’m not working, I usually enjoy my quite life in Princeton. I really enjoy traveling around this beautiful planet. Sports form a significant part of my life and I love to participate in various sporting activities around the campus. Pick-up basketball and Ultimate Frisbee are big in my life right now. When I’m not injured, I’m a part of the Club Badminton team. My other activities around the campus include hosting a Spanish Table in Rocky, attending Paul’s group meetings and just enjoying life in and around Princeton.