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Howard Huang
Graduate Student
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Combined Multipath Processing, Array Procesing, and Multiuser Detection for DS-CDMA Channels
Stuart Schwartz
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Howard Huang was born in Houston, Texas in 1969. He received a BS in electrical engineering from Rice University in 1991 and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Princeton University in 1995. Since then, he has been a researcher at Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent in Holmdel, New Jersey, currently as a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in the Wireless Research Department.
Howard's research interests are in communication theory and the system design of wireless networks. He has been active in the standardization of multiple antenna technologies for next-generation cellular standards (3GPP), and in 2012 his book MIMO Communication for Cellular Networks (co-authored by Constantinos B. Papadias and Sivarama Venkatesan) was published by Springer. Dr. Huang has taught as an adjunct professor at Columbia University and is a Senior Member of the IEEE.