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School of Engineering & Applied Science

Graduate Students win awards at two top circuits conferences

February 19, 2014

EE Grad Students Yingzhe (Dylan) Hu, Liechao Huang, Warren Rieutort-Louis, and Josue Sanz-Robinson have won honors at two integrated-circuits conferences:

  1. International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) Top Student Research Preview (SRP) Award- this award is given to highly-promising student research that was in progress.
  2. VLSI Symposium on Circuits Best Student Paper Award – this award is given to the top student paper presented at the IEEE VLSI Symposium on Circuits.

The awarded project focuses on using large-area (flexible) electronics to create complete sensing systems for large-scale applications (e.g., structural health monitoring of bridges, builds, etc.). The research brings together devices, circuits, and systems work to enable functions such as energy harvesting, sensing, communication, and computation within a thin, flexible sheet. The project is a collaboration between Profs. James Sturm, Sigurd Wagner and Naveen Verma.