Princeton University

School of Engineering & Applied Science

Kaushik Sengupta

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Room: B216 Engineering Quadrangle
Phone: 609-258-5250
Webpage: Sengupta Lab: Integrated Micro-systems


  • PhD., California Institute of Technology, 2012
  • MS, Electrical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, 2008
  • B.Tech and Integrated M.Tech, Electronics and Electrical Comm. Engg., Indian Institute of Technology, 2007

Interacting and extracting information from electromagnetic fields is one of the core foundations of all technologies that involve us interacting and understanding our environment. This extends right from detecting tiniest traces of proteins in body fluids to optical imaging to sending information via wireless communication. Our interest is in new ways extracting information from electromagnetic fields from RF-optical frequencies to enable new integrated and chip-scale technologies for communication and imaging to health and diagnostics.  Broadly my research interests are

1. Reconfigurable Millimeter-wave Systems, An and Electromagnetic Interfaces

2. Programmable Chip-scale Terahertz Systems

3. Nano-optical Systems and Biosensing

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Honors and Awards

  • DARPA Young Faculty Award, 2018
  • Young Alumni Achievement Award from IIT Kharagpur in 2018
  • Princeton SEAS E. Lawrence Keys, Jr./Emerson Electric Co. Faculty Award in 2018
  • Princeton E-Council Excellence in Teaching Award (nominated by undergraduate student council), 2018.
  • Invited to National Academy of Engineers (NAE), Frontiers of Engineering Symposium 2018.
  • Bell Labs Prize, 2017
  • Featured in 2017 Princeton Celebrate Innovation Forum among six inventions of the year.
  • 2017 Young Investigator Award from Office of Naval Research
  • Co-Recipient of the 2015 IEEE Microwave Prize
  • IBM Ph.D. Fellowship for 2011-12
  • Best Student Paper Award,IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC) Symposium, 2012
  • IEEE Solid State Circuits Pre-doctoral Fellowship for 2011-12
  • Analog Devices Outstanding Student Designer Award in 2011-12
  • Caltech Institute Fellowship in 2007-08
  • Prime Minister Gold Medal from IIT Kharagpur in 2007
  • IEEE MTT-S Graduate Fellowship for 2011 and IEEE MTT-S Undergraduate Fellowship in 2006

Selected Publications

  1. Co-editorship of book published by Elsevier "RF and mm-Wave Power Generation in Silicon"

  2. C.Chappidi and K.Sengupta, ``Broadband mm-Wave PAs with Simultaneous Back-off Efficiency enhancement across 30-55 GHz: A Multi-port Network Synthesis Approach,'' IEEE J. Solid-State Circuits (JSSC) , Sept. 2018.

  3. C.Chappidi and K.Sengupta, ``Optical Physically Unclonable Functions using Process-Sensitive Sub-Wavelength Photonic Crystals in 65nm CMOS,'' IEEE J. Solid-State Circuits (JSSC) , Sept. 2018.

  4. L.Hong, H.Li, H.Yang and K.Sengupta,``Integrated Copper-based Sub-wavelength Angle insensitive Nano-plasmonic Filters for Ultra-miniaturized Fluorescence Microarray in a 65-nm Digital CMOS Process,'' ACS. Photonics , Sept. 2018.

  5. L.Hong, H.Li, H.Yang and K.Sengupta,``Nano-plasmonics and Electronics Co-integration in CMOS enabling a Pill-sized Multiplexed Fluorescence Microarray System,'' Biomedical Optics Express (in press).

  6. X.Wu and K.Sengupta, ``Single-chip Source-free Terahertz Spectroscope across 0.04-0.99 THz: Combining Sub-wavelength Near-field Sensing and Regression Analysis,'' Optics Express , Jan.2018.

  7. (Invited) Lingyy Hong and Kaushik Sengupta, ``Fully Integrated Optical Spectrometer between 500nm-830nm in CMOS,'' IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems-I (Special ISSCC issue), Dec, 2017. 

  8. Lingyu Hong, Hao Li, Haw Yang and Kaushik Sengupta, ``Fully Integrated Fluorescence Biosensors on-chip Employing Multi-functional Nanoplasmonic Optical Structures in CMOS, '' IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits , Sep. 2017.

  9. Chandrakanth R.Chappidi and Kaushik Sengupta, ``Globally Optimal Matching Networks with Lossy Passives and Efficiency Bounds, '' IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems-I, Sept. 2017.

  10. Chandrakanth Chappidi and Kaushik Sengupta, ``Frequency Reconfigurable mm-Wave Power Amplifier with Active Impedance Synthesis in an Asymmetrical Non-Isolated Combiner: Analysis and Design, '' IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, Aug. 2017.

  11. Xuyang Lu, Lingyu Hong and Kaushik Sengupta ``An integrated optical physically unclonable function using process-sensitive sub-wavelength photonic crystals in 65nm CMOS '' IEEE ISSCC, Feb. 2017.

  12. Lingyu Hong and Kaushik Sengupta, `` Fully integrated optical spectrometer with 500-to-830nm range in 65nm CMOS'' IEEE ISSCC, Feb. 2017.

  13. Xue Wu and Kaushik Sengupta, "Dynamic waveform shaping with pico-second time-widths," IEEE Journal Solid-State Circuits, Feb. 2017. 

  14. (Invited) Xue Wu and Kaushik Sengupta, ``On-Chip THz Spectroscope Exploiting Electromagnetic Scattering with Multi-port Antenna,'' special issue of ISSCC in IEEE Journal Solid-State Circuits, Dec. 2016

  15. Xue Wu and Kaushik Sengupta, "A 40-to-330GHz synthesizer-free THz spectroscope-on-chip exploiting electromagnetic scattering,'' IEEE ISSCC, Feb. 2016.

  16. Chandrakanth C.Reddy and Kaushik Sengupta, "A frequency-reconfigurable mm-Wave power amplifier with active-impedance synthesis in an asymmetrical non-isolated combiner,'' IEEE ISSCC, Feb. 2016.