Quantum computing and condensed matter physics with microwave photons

Condensed matter physics with photons

Photons do not in general interact.  However, in a cavity QED system, a qubit can mediate an effective interaction between photons.  In coupled arrays of such cQED elements, photons can hop between neighboring cavities and experience on-site interactions in any one cavity.  Such arrays are expected to support many-body states of photons and interesting matter-like behavior.  Because photon number is not a conserved quantity, such behavior is far from equilibrium and an area of particular interest.  We are building large cavity arrays to study these predictions experimentally.

Associated Publications:

  1. Dispersive Photon Blockade in a Superconducting Circuit
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  2. Time-reversal-symmetry breaking in circuit-QED-based photon lattices
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  3. Nonequilibrium delocalization-localization transition of photons in circuit quantum electrodynamics
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