Quantum computing and condensed matter physics with microwave photons


I have been teaching our two semester quantum computing sequence:

ELE 396: Introduction to Quantum Computing - This course is entirely self-contained.  It provides an introduction to quantum mechanics in the context of two-level systems, quantum algorithms and error correction, and a brief overview of implementations.

ELE 568: Implementations of Quantum Information - This course assumes that a quantum computer would be great, and covers the seminal research articles in several physical systems.  We cover electron spins, NMR, ion traps, superconducting qubits, linear optics, and topological quantum computing.


In additon, I teach two other electrical engineering courses:

ELE 301: Designing Real Systems - This course focuses on the science, engineering, and design of the highly integrated systems that dominate many of today's devices. Analysis of systems, sub-systems, and basic principles will be covered, with an emphasis of hardware-software optimization, sampling and digitization, signal and noise, feedback and control, and communication.

ELE 302: Building Real Systems - This course is a comprehensive, laboratory-based course in electronic system design and analysis. Car lab covers formal methods for the design and analysis of moderately complex real-world electronic systems. The course is centered around a semester-long design project involving a computer-controlled vehicle designed and construced by teams of two students. Projects integrate microprocessors, communications, and control.