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Paul Prucnal receives Lifetime Teaching Achievement Award

Our PI, Paul Prucnal, has received the Lifetime Teaching Award for Excellence in Teaching!

Over the years, Prof. Prucnal has been responsible for teaching both ELE 203: Electronic Circuits and ELE 454: Photonics and Lightwave Communications.

Lightwave Lab Awarded “Intellectual Property Accelerator Fund”

As part of the Intellectual Property Accelerator Fund, we are developing a technology that could make high-speed Internet access as widely available as cellphone service by enabling data transmission in a vastly underused region of the spectrum, the millimeter-wave regime. The technology, called a

Broadcast and weight: an integrated network for scalable photonic spike processing

A key theory paper underlying larger networks in photonic spike processing has been published. "Broadcast and weight: an integrated network for scalable photonic spike processing" describes how to scale this platform to large numbers of neurons.

Bhavin Shastri named a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow

Our postdoc, Dr. Bhavin Shastri has been awarded Canada's most prestigious postdoctoral award, the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship. Named after Sir Frederick Banting (Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of insulin), this fellowship is valued at $70,000 per year over two years. Dr.

John Chang Recieves Graduate Newport Research Award

John Chang has received the 2014 Graduate Newport Research Award for his accomplishments as a graduate student in the field of photonics. A link to the article can be found here. Dr. Chang will be joining MIT Lincoln Labs after his graduation this spring.

John Chang and Yue Tian Have Graduated

Dr. John Chang has completed his FPO and will be graduating this spring. His thesis was entitled, "Microwave Photonic Filters for Interference Cancellation and Adaptive Beamforming." He will be working for MIT Lincoln Labs in Boston, MA next year.

Yue Tian has also completed his FPO and will