John J. Koger '85

Former Founder, President and CEO of Oasis Semiconductor Incorporated
  • MSE, in Electrical Engineering, Columbia University
  • BSE, in Electrical Engineering, Princeton University

John J. Koger, was founder, President and CEO of Oasis Semiconductor Incorporated, a leader in the design and sales of system controller chips for all-in-one printer products started in 1995. Oasis Semiconductor helped create the low-cost, all-in-one laser and inkjet printer market segment by providing chips and software to customers like Kodak, Sharp, Lexmark, Dell and Canon. Oasis was sold in late 2005. Prior to Oasis, John spent 10 years at Digital Equipment Corporation Semiconductor Engineering Group in various roles including Multimedia Chips Marketing Manager, 3D Graphics Chip Architect, Project Leader and Principal Engineer. John received his B.S.E. from Princeton in 1985 and his M.S.E. from Columbia University in 1986.